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I design things, draw stuff, & take pictures.

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I was born & raised in Summerville, SC and have been involved with visual arts for, literally, as long as I can remember. Growing up I attended Rollings School of the Arts during grade school; While in high school I was in the National Art Honor Society & Photography Club. I have several awards from various competitions over the years and art has, basically, always been a part of ME!

Since 2011 I have been a professional wedding, event, & portrait photographer in Charleston, SC. I own City Light Studio, LLC and have also won awards for my wedding photography. I’ve traveled up & down the east coast shooting weddings and portraits. Much of my cosplay portrait photography often goes viral and can be seen on websites such as MTV.com, Huffington Post, FashionablyGeek, Gawker Media, and IGN.

Aside from photography, I also have art on display across Dorchester, Berkley, and Charleston counties in various coffee shops, hair salons, and art studios. I’ve co-illustrated a children’s book titled “Little Laughing Yogini” (available on Amazon) and have several t-shirt & logo designs floating around. I’m proficient in both traditional & digital art and am confidently familiar with several programs from the Adobe Creative Suite as well as HTML & CSS coding.

what is "TIAN"?

In 2005 I took a trip to Yunnan, China that changed my life. Each year for four years I traveled to China in December and spent Christmas in Yunnan. Finally, in 2009 my wife, Lindsey, and I decided to become English teachers and live in Yunnan for over a year.

The friends we made in Yunnan quickly became our family and my Chinese “sister” honored me with a Chinese name, “Tian Hu” which means “heavenly (天) tiger (虎).” Tigers are a strong and powerful symbol in China and have always been my favorite animal. “Tian Hu” has been special to me since day one and is more than just a name. I’ve said before that my body may have been born in South Carolina, but my soul has always been tied to Yunnan.

The logo for TIAN is a representation of “Tian Hu.” In fact, the character for “tian” is hidden as stripes on the tiger’s forehead. His single, raised eyebrow mimics my own and his eyes show strength, inquiry, and creativity. TIAN is, simply, me. All of me. My photography, graphic design, sketches, fine art…my creative soul.

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